FAQ - Kilen Murphy

Is The Reservation Fee/Retainer Refundable?

The initial retainer that is due up front is not refundable. However, it is transferable. Life happens, I get it! In the event you need to move your event date you can use that towards the new date as long as I am available.

How Do You Accept Payment?

Payment is accepted via an E-Check online! If you must pay by credit card or debit card a 3% processing fee will have to be applied.

What Do We Do If It’s Raining On Our wedding Day or Engagement session?

An engagement session is usually easy to reschedule if the weather is not ideal, but I love shooting in the rain though! Part of being a professional is adapting to less than ideal lighting and weather conditions. Rest assured if its raining on your wedding day we will still get some amazing images!

How Many Images Can We Expect From Our Engagement Or Wedding?

For a engagment session I deliever 50 images minimum. A wedding based on eight hours of coverage I will deliever 400 images minimum. 500 images based on 10 hours of coverage.

Do You Post Everything You Shoot Online?

No I will not post everything I shoot online. But there will be some images from your engagement shoot or wedding that will be posted on instagram or in a blog post on my website.

Do We Need A Second Shooter?

I generally do not shoot with a second shooter. Sometimes I will have an assistant with me if the bride and groom’s getting ready location is far apart. If you are really interested in having a second shooter I am always open to discuss this further.

Do Your Prices Include Tax?

My prices do not include tax. Taxes are a little hectic when you have clients both in Washington and Oregon. The only time where a couple would have to pay tax is if they live in Washington and their wedding location resides in Washington as well.

Does It Cost To Have You Travel To Our wedding? How Much?

Yes there are travel fees involved if the location is rather far. All of my packages do include one hour of travel! But if you alls are feeling adventurous I am down to go wherever.

How Do We Pick Photo Locations?

On an engagemnt shoot I usually first ask how far you are willing to drive outside of Portland and then what you want your back drop to be! (waterfall, valleys, mountains, coast, urban). Then from there we can lock in a location.

How Long Until We Get To See Our Photos?

Right now I am maintaining a four week turnaround time for your gallery to be delivered.