Hug Point Elopement | Manzanita Oregon | Dulce + Julio

I am so thankful I crossed paths with these individuals when I did. Hug Point in Manzanita Oregon is a beautiful location for an elopement, engagement or day after session. When they first inquired about grabbing their engagement photos in the gorge I was so excited. Julio actually plays the guitar so I made sure we incorporated that into their session. I remember it was very cold on a winter day in March. We had the hand warmers out and had to jump in the car two separate times just to warm up! Fast forward to a few months later and they were married in June. Sadly I could not make it to the wedding for logistical reasons but Dulce and Julio still wanted some awesome photos in their wedding attire. We decided to venture out to the Oregon Coast to Hug Point. The veil that Dulce was wearing was her grand mothers so I wanted to make sure we captured a number of detail shots highlighting this piece. We walked up and down the coast line sharing laughs and reminiscing over wedding stories. I had them climb up on rocks and even finish off trampling through the water to cool things down. This day after session was everything I would of hoped it would be and more for them. I honestly wish brides did this more because we live in a great location for it. Dulce and Julio thank you for everything and I know you both are going to have a kick ass time in this next chapter. Cheers to you both!