Importance of Albums

Alright lets talk prints! We live in an era where we swipe and like and click and walk away from the moment in one second. Remember the era before where we thought thumb drives would be around forever, or cds.. Myspace 😉
Despite everything that has come and gone, the one thing that has stayed constant and perhaps become even more valuable today is physical prints. Albums and photographs. Physical manifestations of moments that force us to slow down and remember.
As a photographer, I can’t stress enough how important It is to print these special moments. Also before anyone starts asking me if I print my own photos Im gonna tel y’all a little story.

My first date with my now girlfriend (clearly the date went well) we took a photo. Its a slightly blurry photos, we both are kind of ugly squinting because it was late into the night, heck it was an iPhone photo. That photo is printed and framed and sits on my desk while I edit all day. I love that moment.
I have a million photos of us at this point (majority of them are her forcing selfies on me), but that moment is something I get to be reminded of every day. It takes me back, it reminds me of that night. Honor the moments that meant something and put them in your home, surround yourself with them.