I know it seems like a no brainer but sometimes it is overlooked. Usually the average coverage time for a wedding is eight hours. I personally deliver about 500-600 photos based on eight hours of coverage. However, if you are thinking you both may want more photos than that make sure your photographer knows this up front. Some photographers will charge extra for high res deliveries. Make sure this is clarified before booking.

Yes this is something you hope NEVER happens. The photographer you fell in love with all of the sudden goes down with a bad illness or a serious injury and can no longer capture your wedding. It's very important to hear if this has happened previously and what steps they would take to make sure they can find you an adequate replacement!

Of course you shouldn't have to wait an eternity to see your hot selfs in some photos. Always ask what delivery looks like after the wedding. Especially if you need the photos for an event after the wedding. I think the typical delivery time is a month or less. Although I have heard some can take as long as SIX months to get your photos back. Long story short just ask!

We have all heard the horror stories of a couple not getting their wedding photos due to the photographer not backing up everything properly. This is a CRUCIAL question you need to be asking. It's important for them to go into detail of what the backup process looks like. Also making sure in the event something does happen you are getting a full refund.

There is something to be said when it comes to experience. A talented photographer will of course capture beautiful images of you both. However, experience will make sure if something doesn't go as planned he or she knows how to adapt. This ensures you both can rest easy no matter what happens you both will look AMAZING!

I hope this list helps guide you both in your search for finding the right photographer for you! Feel free to check out more of my resources below for all my couples and future couples!