Silver Falls Engagement | Sublimity Oregon | Janet and Miles

overlooking their first waterfall during the silver falls state park engagement

laughing together during their silver falls state park engagement

Couple pops champagne during their silver falls state park engagement

couple shares moment during silver falls state park engagement

couple gets in the water during their silver falls state park engagement session

couple shares laugh while in the water at silver falls state park engagement

Where to even start with this Silver Falls State Park engagement session in Sublimity Oregon. After having to postpone their wedding into the summer of 2021 due to COVID-19 I knew we had to do something special for their engagement session. Janet from the start had always talked about having photos taken near a waterfall. After trying over and over again to make a waterfall work out in the gorge. They decided to take an outing out to Silver falls State Park to check it out. They fell in love with the area and wanted to make an afternoon of it for their engagement session.

We kicked things off with a little tequila and music in the parking lot before making are trek down to the first falls. This was my first time doing an engagement session at this location and I could not believe the views! I had them roam out there on their own and just take in the scene. These two were freaking naturals in front of the camera. Really didn’t have to direct them much at all (thank you tequila). After we spent some time at the first falls we popped some champagne to celebrate what would of been their wedding weekend. We headed back up the trail to the cars to change into outfit two and go to the 2nd location.

As we were walking out to the 2nd location in Silver Falls State Park, we came across this gorgeous cave. I had them stop for a quick moment just to take in the scene. We continued walking had some time to chat it up for a bit, finding out we both share the same love for San Diego and could see ourselves living their. We both think the dried mangos at Trader Joes are like crack. Once we reached the final spot they wanted to cool off in the water for a bit. They definitely came prepared with another bottle of champagne!

Seriously this afternoon was exactly what I think we all needed after being cooped up inside for so long. Can’t wait till I can shoot at Silver Falls State Park again. I also can’t wait for your wedding next year because I already know its going to be crazy awesome!


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