Alright so you are recently engaged and now it's time to figure out where in the heck you want to go. Luckily you probably already know but we are spoiled living in an area like this! With the Columbia River Gorge just a short drive outside of Portland or if you are feeling more adventurous heading out to the coast. There is no shortage of great locations. To make your search a little easier I have put together the top four locations for engagement sessions. These were chosen based on the distance away from Portland and the variety of photos the location is able to offer. Here we go!


The 1st spot you need to consider is a hidden gem called Government Cove. Located about 35 minutes outside of Portland, OR. When you are out there it feels like your own little private island. You can start down below near the water and run around, take in the views. Usually later on in the shoot we will work our way up and get some of the most epic shots you have ever seen. If you are still trying to figure out where to go, do not overlook this location.


The second location we are taking it out to the coast, the Cannon beach area specifically. There is a spot I usually like going out to just before Haystack Rock. So whether you want to book it down the beach, splash in the water or take in Haystack rock from a distance it works great! Also not a lot of people around ;)

My third favorite location we are taking it back to the gorge at Horsethief Butte. Honestly this location not a lot of people know about. It’s a little further out from Portland, about an hour. But if I had to pick my favorite place in the gorge this would be it. The view is incredible, I feel like I could come back here ten different times and there would be a new way to photograph it. If you are looking for something very unique, this is it!


The last spot is Rowena Crest, also out in the Columbia River Gorge. You may recognize it from instagram with the famous feet dangling over the edge as the road loops around. But just above lies an open field overlooking a cliff side to the Columbia River. If you are wanting something more open and free out in the gorge this would be a place to check out.

Honestly no matter where you end up deciding to have your engagement session it's going to be awesome. But maybe this will help guide you in the right direction or get a better idea of options that are out there!