Alright so you have the venue locked in, found your photographer and now you need start planning the logistics of the day. One of the BIGGEST items that gets overlooked during your wedding day, is where you both are getting ready. It has a HUGE impact on how your photos will turn out and the variety of photos you will be able to get during the first part of the day. Here are a few reasons why…..



One of the nicest things about an Air BnB is you usually always have so much more room. The downside of a hotel is they are usually limited on space and you are confined to one area. All of your stuff and bridesmaids is crammed in one area and makes it hard to move around.

With an Air BnB a lot of times you can get an entire house for the cost of one hotel room. I advise my couples even if the cost is $50 to $100 more it will be WORTH it when it comes to their photos and having less stress the day of.


Another big reason photographers love shooting in an Air BnB is the amount of light entering the space. With a hotel room a lot of times you are limited to one window. If this window is not facing the sun the day of the light can be very limited. Of course if you end up getting ready in a hotel we will make it work regardless and capture some amazing images but the variety will be limited.

Because an Air BnB ultimately has more space, multiple rooms and tons of windows. A lot of times you can find a room with amazing light for photographs and portraits.



So if you are still not sold on the Air BnB over a hotel maybe this will help. You both have probably spent an ample amount of time getting those details and vibe dialed in for your wedding. You both wanted it to look a certain way that represents YOU.

One of the best parts about an Air BnB is you can find something that fits your vibe rather than a basic hotel room. As you know Air BnB comes in all shapes and sizes. So take the extra step to find something that not only has ample room, but fits the vibe of the venue as well. From a photo perspective this will help tie in the getting ready part of the day to your venue perfectly!



I very rarely ever shoot with a 2nd shooter, I talk about this more in another section. But one big reason why is a lot of times the Bride and Groom are not far apart from where they are getting ready. This is nice for two reasons. It saves you hundreds of dollars because you don’t need to hire another photographer and two it allows me to shoot longer and spend less time in the car traveling the day of.

With an Air BnB I have had couples get a rather large house and the ladies will get ready upstairs with the fellas getting ready downstairs. It has always been a blast because in a lot of ways its a tease. You can both hear each other and what you are doing but can’t see one another. As an added bonus if you are having a first look you both are already in the same spot so it makes planning it out a lot easier and will save a lot of time.

Hopefully through the examples and insight I have provided you can see why an Air BnB is the way to go for getting ready for your wedding. Of course if you both do end up getting ready in a hotel room we are still going to capture some amazing images but if you have the option I would ALWAYS go with an Air BnB :)