You are recently engaged and are on the search for a wedding photographer or maybe already found one. Of course having an engagement session is on your mind or maybe do I even need one? Hopefully after reading this an engagement session is the way to go!


Let's get the 1st obvious one out of the way that you both will be getting some epic images together. Especially in the PNW there is no shortage of amazing engagement locations you can go to. I feel like I’m updating my list all the time. What’s nice is you will have some amazing images for yourselves but also able to use them for save the date and other wedding purposes.


I feel like this is the one that is often overlooked. I can’t stress enough how a wedding photographer is so much more than a person who shows up with a camera. They are going to be with you on your wedding day probably more than even your family so you both have to jive! An engagement session is a great way to get to know your photographer more and vice versa. Personally I will even offer to carpool with the couple to the location to get more time with them.


Another nice thing about the engagement session is you get to see how your photographer shoots, how they direct you and get the photos you are looking for. We understand this is your first time in front of a larger camera probably since your senior photos. But come the wedding day now you already know what to expect and are a lot more relaxed!


If anything besides the photos and getting to hang out with your photographer don’t forget this is an evening for you guys! Maybe there is a spot you have always wanted to check out, even post up for a picnic. Make it your own! Anything is fair game when it comes to your engagement session!

Hopefully this gives you a little more to think about when it comes to an engagement session and that there is a lot more you get out of it besides just the photos!