Zenith Vineyard Wedding | Salem, OR | Ana+David

This rainy wedding ceremony held at the Zenith Vineyard in Salem Oregon. Couldn't be happier for the both of them starting this next chapter!

Bride and groom laughing during zenith vineyard wedding Bride and Groom kissing at the Zenith Vineyard during their wedding Bride and groom after the ceremony during zenith vineyard wedding Bride and groom during portraits at zenith vineyard wedding Couple sharing intimate moment during zenith vineyard wedding

I wish I could go back in time and relive this wedding at the Zenith Vineyard all over again.  I would love to shoot at the Zenith Vineyard again! Sometimes I wonder how I end up lucking out and having all these awesome couples find me. When I first met Ana and David at a local coffee spot in Portland we just hit it off right away. We talked about anything and everything and their upcoming plans for their wedding at the Zenith Vineyard. I was glad that they were down to do an engagement session. Not so much for the photos because we will get some cool stuff regardless. But its a chance to spend more time with them prior to the wedding which I think is very important. Turns out that night a rainbow appeared in the sky and was freaking out like I had ants in my pants. We nailed a shot right underneath it which you can see in my 2018 slideshow video in the vlog section.

Fast forward to September and they are both coming back from Connecticut. I arrive at the Zenith Vineyard and am greeted by Katelyn Evans who is the planner for your perfect bridesmaids. This girl killed it through out the whole day, honestly. She was always there when you needed her and the day ran smoothly from start to finish. I head up stairs to the brides getting ready room and find Ana and her mom sharing some time together before the ceremony. They both were helping each other with makeup and getting ready. David arrived shortly their after and met him in a room downstairs. It was a really nice open space even with a pin ball machine in the corner. When I walked out to the back patio later in the afternoon I was very impressed with Rebecca’s work with Once upon a bloom. The way the ceremony space was laid out made sure it photographed well.

Ana and David had selected an old Psychology teacher from college to officiate their wedding! I thought that was a cool detail. Ana walks down this long staircase with each of her parents on both sides. It was raining pretty good at this point but the show must go on. They both exchanged their vows and then had a live band play before they had their exit. We spent about 15 minutes or so for some portraits around the property. Then they entered into the reception where they were greeted with a loud welcome by their guests. The one thing I do remember from this party was the dance floor was popping!! Honestly its one of my favorite parts of a wedding. I am definitely that photographer that is in the middle of the dance floor dancing just as hard as you are grabbing those shots.

Cant thank Ana and David enough for finding me and trusting me to capture their day. They both were so accommodating all the way through which made it way easier for me. The Zenith Vineyard was the perfect backdrop for your wedding! I wish you both all the best! Cheers to you both!

Venue: Zenith Vineyard | Wedding Planner: Katelyn Evans of your Perfect Bridesmaid | Catering: Loustic Catering

DJ: Katie Heath | Florals: Rebecca Bloom | Videographer: Candy Glass Productions | Dress: Adorned In Grace